JoinPAY — Fintech Platform

A single payment platform that covers all business areas where there is a need to implement payments. Original payment kernel, software for POS-terminals, cloud TMS, and support for all modern payment technologies allowed us to create many industrial solutions for public and air transport, retail, and vending devices.


Fintech Platform




Software for POS terminals


Cloud-based TMS system


EMV Payment Kernel

JoinPAY Composition

The JoinPAY platform consists of many micro-services and subsystems, as well as a multi-functional API. In addition, the JoinPAY Fintech platform includes four separate products: the JoinCORE payment EMV kernel, the JoinPOS cross-platform software for POS terminals, the JoinTMS cloud remote POS terminal management system, and the JoinPSP preprocessing.

JoinPOS - Software for POS terminals

JoinTMS - Cloud-based TMS system

JoinPSP - Preprocessing

JoinCORE - EMV payment kernel

JoinPAY payment services

During the development of the JoinPAY platform, we have accumulated vast experience in the field of payment technologies. Our work has also resulted in several services that we offer to small and medium-sized businesses as part of separate services.

Merchant Acquiring

Online Cash Register

Online acquiring

Quick Payment System

Industry solutions based on JoinPAY

We offer unique industry solutions that combine both the payment part and tools for optimizing internal processes of companies. Each service has a fault-tolerant infrastructure that can ensure 24/7 service with high loads.

Public transport

The JoinPAY Cloud Account for transport companies allows carriers to introduce new ways of paying for travel in a short time, as well as optimize the company's internal processes.

Air transport

JoinPAY Aero Cloud Service is for air carriers and catering companies. JoinPAY Aero allows you to organize the sale of goods and services on board aircraft for cash and non-cash payment.


The JoinPAY Retail Platform can be used in large retail chains that require high transaction processing speed, split payments, advanced loyalty systems, and the analytics systems.


Using JoinPAY Vending, operators of vending networks get a comprehensive solution that can be used not only for providing non-cash payments but also for monitoring equipment and even commodity management.

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Advantages of the JoinPAY Fintech Platform

When developing the JoinPAY Fintech Platform, we follow the concept that allows you to get all possible payment services within a single product. The modularity of the system allows you to connect business logic for various areas, as well as use the payment service for integration with third-party systems.

Advanced payment technologies

Extensive API features

Ability to use the cloud-based service

Ability to install the service in the customer's data center

Wide scope of application

All payment services in a single platform

Completely in-house development

Support for various hardware

Simultaneous work with multiple processors

Qualified support