Promotional Fares for Bus-rides of Delovoy Kvartal Business Park

For many years MasterCard company has been tending to provide the public transport users with the most convenient and sophisticated methods of fares payment. Dwellers of many Russian cities have already appreciated the advantages of MasterCard contactless technologies. Today, we are pleased to provide such an opportunity to all users of the corporate buses of Delovoy Kvartal International Business Park.

MST company, the developer of JoinPAY fintech platform, starts the promotion offer in cooperation with MasterCard in Delovoy Kvartal International Business Park. Thus, from 1 March 2020 to 31 July 2020 the special terms for payment of fares using MasterCard bank cards are in effect. Any residents of the Business Park will have a 3 rubles discount if they pay for the fares using contactless MasterCard bank cards. The holders of MasterCard bank cards of any bank will be able to use this promotional offer.

Starting from the end of 2019 all the residents of Delovoy Kvartal Business Park have the opportunity to pay for fares using the bank cards thanks to the introduction of Transport JoinPAY platform. The project has been implemented by MST company, a systems integrator, with the technological support of MasterCard company.

Payment acceptance for shuttle buses of the Delovoy Kvartal international business park

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