JoinPAY Fintech Platform Introduces a Payment Widget for the FPS QR Codes

JoinPAY Fintech Platform has developed a payment widget for the Faster Payments System QR codes. The widget can be easily embedded into a web site and is especially convenient for charity organizations. Not only does the widget allow to easily accept the funds for the people in need, but also reduces the transaction costs because the rates are low as compared to the conventional internet acquiring.

At present, 13 banks support the payments using QR codes, you can see their list on the web site of the FPS. It should be noted that the list of the banks expands regularly, and by the beginning of the year 2021, all banks are expected to join it.

A simple integration provides the capability to accept payments the day following the day they are made. We note that the purchasers’ attitude towards the new payment mechanics on the internet is positive. Unlike the bank card payments, the FPS QR Codes payments do not require the card’s details, such as the card number, its validity term and CVV, to be entered, which makes the purchases much faster, said Maxim Bornovolokov.

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