JoinPAY Transport

JoinPAY Transport is a cloud-based personal account for public transport. JoinPAY Transport allows the carrier to implement new methods of fare payment, get detailed analytics of collected payments, calculate employee efficiency, automate reporting, manage the transport company's personnel, perform dispatching and monitor the condition of vehicles.

JoinPAY Transport opens up new opportunities for carriers. The system allows you to quickly organize the acceptance of non-cash payments on transport .

Our solution is not only limited to public transport (urban, suburban and intercity), but can also be used in the metro, taxi services, air transport and any other types of transport.

Services Interaction

JoinPAY Transport uses a hybrid scheme that allows you to process transactions as efficiently as possible and avoid fraud.

Equipment for fare paying


If your company uses a conductor system for ticket sales, POS-terminals are your choice. Using the terminal, you can accept cash, bank cards, electronic travel cards, as well as devices with NFC technology (smartphones, watches, etc.).


Using the validator allows the company to abandon the conductors. Validators accept bank cards, electronic travel cards, and devices with NFC technology (smartphones, watches, etc.). It should be noted that validators do not accept cash.


SoftPOS technology allows to use regular Android smartphones to accept payments on transport. Using SoftPOS, company can accept contactless Bank cards, NFC wearable devices, and cash.

Payment methods

JoinPAY Transport uses a hybrid scheme that allows you to process transactions as efficiently as possible and avoid fraud.


Bank card

Electronic travel cards

NFC devices


Мобильное приложение

для пассажиров

Донести информацию до сотрудников офиса лучше всего в обеденные перерывы. Стоит позаботиться о том, чтобы стаканчики с рекламой попали в крупную компанию, а там на них обязательно обратят внимание. Для привлечения наибольшего процента потенциальных клиентов можно разместить еще и промо-коды для получения скидки на первую покупку. Это завлекает людей и оставляет у них приятные воспоминания о контакте с фирмой.

Mobile app

for the passengers

The JoinPAY Transport mobile app allows passengers to pay for public transport using QR codes. In addition, passengers can view their trips made using bank cards, electronic travel cards, and QR codes in the app. The passenger also has the opportunity to evaluate each completed trip by several parameters.

Management of a transport company

The JoinPAY Transport cloud account allows you to manage multiple legal entities at once. With our service, the business owner can track and analyze transactions (both cash and non-cash), view revenue statistics for personnel, vehicles, routes, as well as manage shifts, organize and automate reporting, work with passengers, enter electronic travel cards, pay by QR-codes, and much more. The personal account is very easy to start, and does not require special skills from the company's staff.

  • The company is so transparent

    The company's home page contains a summary of recent transactions, a list of routes, a list of employees, vehicles, and a list of all POS terminals.

  • Complete Business Statistics

    Each employee, route, vehicle, and terminal of the enterprise has its own pages in the JoinPAY Transport service. This page displays detailed information about the company's revenue received from this employee/route/vehicle/terminal for each month. In addition to the total revenue for the month, information is displayed on the number and amount of cash and cashless transactions.

  • Automated reports

    Often, businesses have a problem with the proper preparation of revenue reports. When you create reports manually using excel or other programs, you can't achieve strict reporting, because there is always the possibility of data forgery. In the personal account of the carrier JoinPAY Transport, data for all reports are entered into the system automatically, and the cashier can not change them. The cashier only selects primary data, such as: legal entity, date, and employee, after which the report is generated and prepared for printing.

  • Managing shifts

    The shift functionality is designed to standardize the mechanism for accepting funds received for a shift, as well as automatic reporting. The right mechanism for accepting funds from conductors. It also serves to reduce fraud among employees of the enterprise.

  • Transaction Analytics

    In the transactions section, the user can view information about transactions from all POS terminals. In this section, employees can easily find the desired transaction or create a list of transactions based on the specified parameters. Transactions are searched using various filters (by date, terminal model, route number, employee, vehicle, amount, transaction status, etc.). After creating the report, all the results can be saved in .XLS (Excel) format.

  • Statistics on Passengers

    The Passengers section contains data about all passengers registered in the system. Each passenger has their own page, which contains their contact information (phone number, email), as well as a list of all trips made by this passenger. If there are problems or disputes, the company's employees can always contact the passenger to resolve the situation.

Advantages of the JoinPAY Transport

The combination of the latest payment technologies and ERP system features allows JoinPAY Transport to be one of the most technologically advanced industry systems not only in the Russian market, but also in the international market.

Effective fight against fraud, thanks to a hybrid fare scheme

Compliance with Federal legislation

Personal account and mobile app for passengers

Automation of internal processes of the carrier company

Rapid introduction of new fare payment methods

Deep analysis of transport company payments

The establishment of the individual tariffs fare

One of the most inexpensive solutions on the world market

Big data connectivity

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