Loyalty Program Started to Work on all JoinPAY Payment Products

The loyalty program started to work on all payment products of JoinPAY online cash register and SoftPOS! Now, companies and individual entrepreneurs can quickly create loyalty programs. With only a couple of clicks, you can create a loyalty program. This capability is available for all the rate plans and free of any additional charges!

The loyalty system enables to:

Increase the loyal purchasers’ average purchase amount by 10% to 15%

Increase the profits by 30%

Hold the purchasers

How to use the JoinPAY loyalty program

For the companies’ employees

For the purchasers

All the purchasers who are registered in the JoinPAY application and make purchases are automatically shown in the «Purchasers» module. A company’s manager sees at once the purchasers who make purchases, can generate discounts, debit the loyalty points, and analyze the results of the sales promotions. The bonus cards, stickers and paper loyalty cards are not needed anymore!

The next version of the application will have even more capabilities. For example, it will be possible to create a display window and a referral program in a company’s inventory accounting module to attract new customers.

Download the JoinPAY application and increase your profits!

SoftPOS by JoinPAY

SoftPOS technology allows businesses to accept payments using contactless cards, as well as generate fiscal receipts using a regular smartphone.

JoinPAY Online Cash Register

Accept all types of bank cards and cash. Manage sales through your personal account with the commodity management function.