JoinPAY Retail

The JoinPAY Retail platform provides ready-made payment services for SMEs, such as online cash register, merchant acquiring, and Internet acquiring.

The JoinPAY Retail platform can be used in large retail chains that require high transaction processing speed, split payments, advanced loyalty systems, and the analytics systems.

Ready-made solutions for small and medium businesses

Merchant Acquiring

Online Cash Register

Online Acquiring

Fast Payment System

Solutions for large businesses

The JoinPAY Retail platform can be used to implement complex fault-tolerant payment systems for large and small retail chains. At the same time, the retail chain receives a full set of services and equipment in one place. We perform both the project launch and its further maintenance.

Acceptance of bank cards for payments

Fleet management system for acquiring equipment

The splitting of payments

Introduction of a loyalty card system

Implementation of the payment analytics system

Optimizing the cost of acquiring services

Mobile application

The JoinPAY Retail mobile app allows you to organize a full-fledged personal account of a retail network client. In the app, the customer can view the history of their purchases made using bank cards. As well as store and use loyalty cards. The app also publishes promotions and special offers of the retail chain.

Purchase history

Loyalty program

Payment using QR codes