JoinPAY Vending

According to global trends, the number of self-service devices accepting bank cards increases by 15% every year. The introduction of payment acceptance not only increases sales, but also increases the average receipt by 20-40%.

The JoinPAY Vending solution allows you to accept bank cards on vending machines, refrigerators, and other devices.

Customers experience more pleasure when paying with bank cards in self-service devices, which means that loyalty to this operator is growing.

Wide scope of application

Due to the modularity of the platform, it is possible to implement business logic for all types of vending devices

Refrigerators and bins

Paid parking

Automated gas stations

Ticketing terminals

Vending machines

Payment terminals

Advantages of the JoinPAY Vending solution

Using JoinPAY Vending, operators of vending networks get a comprehensive solution that can be used not only for providing non-cash payments but also for monitoring equipment and even commodity management

Our own EMV Kernel, version 4.3

Having a kernel on a single platform for Windows and Linux

Support for MDB2PC and MasterMDB converters

We can work with MDB, EXE, RS-485, and PULS protocols

Large portfolio of completed projects

Favorable terms for acquiring agreements

We work with several brands of POS-terminal equipment manufacturers

Personal account of the vending network operator, provided that transactions are processed through our JoinPSP

Ability to create a mobile app for the company's clients

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