JoinPAY Starts Accepting QR Code Payment via the Quick Payment System

JoinPAY fintech platform announces the launch of cashless payments for corporate customers via the Quick Payment System (QPS) of the Bank of Russia.

QPS is available in SOFTPOS JoinPAY and JoinPAY Online Checkout payment solutions. Each of the solutions has an QPS button that generates a QR code for making payment when tapped. Both Dynamic and Static QR codes can be used in retail outlets. The customer needs to scan the QR code via their bank's mobile app at the checkout and confirm the transaction.

Soon JoinPAY will be able to integrate QPS into online stores and to send QR code to customer's email. The latter feature is especially useful for business people who do not have an online store.

The settlement bank for JoinPAY is PJSC SKB-Bank, which is certified for QR code payment.

Maxim Bornovolokov, CEO of MST company, the developer of JoinPAY fintech platform, says: «SoftPOS is a new solution offered by JoinPAY payment service for Russian businesses and financial institutions. It allows you to accept cash and cashless payments via a typical Android smartphone, to use the device as a full-fledged cashier's workplace and generate fiscal receipts. Integration with payment acceptance via QPS extends the capabilities of SoftPOS, while allowing you to save on acquiring».

SoftPOS by JoinPAY

SoftPOS technology allows businesses to accept payments using contactless cards, as well as generate fiscal receipts using a regular smartphone

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