SoftPOS technology allows businesses to accept payments using contactless cards, as well as generate fiscal receipts using a regular smartphone

— Online cash register functionality in a smartphone

— Full compliance with Federal law

— Without the use of POS-terminals

SoftPOS Advantages

A new payment solution on the Russian market allows you to fit the functionality of an online cash register inside an ordinary smartphone. The perfect payment solution for self-employed and SMEs.

Compliance with Federal law

We use cloud-based fiscalization. No longer necessaryto connect to the cash register and control the fiscal drive.

Without equipment

There's no need to buy expensive POS terminals and online cash register, all you need is a smartphone.

Payment by credit card or with cash

A quick way to arrange payment for goods and services at a point of sale.

Commodity management

A full-fledged cashier's tool. Add products to the catalog, assignprices and discounts.

Key areas of application

Coffee shops and bakeries.

Delivery services, courier services, trade representatives.

Itinerant trade: fairs, festivals.

Self-employed workers.

Public transport and taxi.

Barber shops and beauty salons.

Car repair shops and car washes.

Telecom Provides

Great opportunities

SoftPOS by JoinPAY is a universal payment device in any Android smartphone.

Any Android smartphone

Just two simple conditions: Android version 7 or higher, and NFC module. Your smartphone is ready to accept payments!

Not only bank cards

Our solution allows you to accept not only bank cards, but also payments made through Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay. In addition, the version of SoftPOS with a commodity management functions allows you to accept cash payments.

Loyalty programs

Enjoying discounts and bonuses, one-time customers turn into regular ones—thus making your earnings soar, advocating your brand, and driving new clients.

Quick Payment System

JoinPAY's SoftPOS customers can accept payments through the quick payment system (QR payments).


All payment data is transmitted in encrypted form, and is not stored on a smartphone. Security and regulatory compliance in place with PCI DSS and PCI CPoC standards

How it works

Bank Cards and NFC Wearables

The buyer tap his contactless card or NFC device to the seller’s smartphone installed SoftPOS application on it.

SoftPOS exchanges data with the customer’s card or NFC device and sends the encrypted packet to JoinPAY service, where the transaction is will be signed and sent to the acquirer bank, and then the operation will be proceed in the payment system.

After that, the seller receives the result of payment authorization.


The buyer pays for the purchase in cash.

The seller selects cash payment in the SoftPOS application.

The transaction data is transferred to the JoinSlip cloud fiscalization service. Next, the information goes to the fiscal data operator, and the federal tax service.

And if it's necessary a fiscal check, will be sent to the buyer by an e-mail.

Quick Payment System

The seller enter the purchase amount in the SoftPOS application, and choose the Quick Payment System (QPS) as a payment method.

Next, on the smartphone with installed SmartPOS app, will be generated a dynamic QR code, which the client reads using his smartphone.

After scanning the QR code, the customer pays for the purchase through his banking application.

Our Clients' Stories

We love making cool payment services, and we also love our customers very much. And we are sure that each of our clients is a kind of hero who has to face many obstacles every day.

Nikita Martynyuk

Aero Trade Company

Marina Karandina

Passenger Transport Enterprise

Aleksey Chudinov

«Interactive» international agency

Irina Orekhova

«Lost-and-Found Bureau» restaurant

Ruslan Kolobov

Coffee shop chain

Polina Kainova

Flower Shop

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