New Types of Bus Fare Payment Introduced in Kamensk-Uralsky

Residents of Kamensk-Uralsky will be able to pay bus fares using new and modern payment methods on all important city routes № 201, 2, 5, 12, 14, and 15. This was made possible thanks to the implementation of JoinPAY «Transport» solution into the infrastructure of the largest carrier in the city - «Passenger Transport Company» LLC.

The company's buses have been equipped with POS-terminals which accept cash, all types of bank cards (including contactless), wearable devices with NFC (smart watches, fitness bracelets, smartphones, etc.) as well as electronic travel cards. Another pleasant surprise for residents of the city was the introduction of fare payment using QR codes. So, every passenger of «Passenger Transport Company» LLC can scan a specific QR code in the bus compartment. All you need to do is install the special JoinPAY app on your smartphone.

The introduction of JoinPAY «Transport» has brought more convenience to the lives of residents when making fare payments as well as the possibility to choose the most convenient payment method. The transport company, in turn, has been able to discharge outdated ticket reels, and significantly optimize internal processes and automate reporting.

«Now passengers of Kamensk-Uralsky have the opportunity to pay bus fares with cash, classic bank cards, electronic devices with NFC as well as the ability to pay using QR codes. Thus, we have provided almost all possible payment methods for transport, which makes our solution one of the most technological ones in the market», remarked Maksim Bornovolokov, CEO of MST company.

«This was a project that we were working on for quite a long time. However, in the end, we got a comprehensive system that not only solved our day-to-day problems, but also provided a good tool for data analysis», commented on the launch of the system Marina Karandina, Director of «Passenger Transport Company».

Non-cash payments on Kamensk-Uralsky buses

QR Code Fare Payment System for the Public Transport Company in Kamensk-Uralsky