Introducing Cashless Payments Onboard of Azur Air Flights

The payment service JoinPAY has successfully and in the shortest time implemented in Azur Air airline company a project of in-flight payment for goods with Mastercard, Visa, and Mir.

The main problem of cashless payments on board is the lack of Internet access during the flight, so the only right choice in this situation was to use offline transaction-based technology. This solution means that transactions made during a flight are accumulated in a POS-terminal, and after the aircraft lands, all offline operations performed on board are processed. Therefore, the JoinPOS software was updated for the purpose of the implementation of this project.

In addition, there's a risk of insufficient funds on the passenger's card to make a purchase which leads to losses for the airline company. To deal with this situation, the system registers a rejected transaction and then automatically attempts to charge the amount from the recorded card. If those attempts do not result in a successful charge within a month (e.g. funds are still insufficient), the card will be registered in the blacklist of cards not accepted on board unless the passenger pays off the debt to the airline company.

Cashless payments on AZUR Air’s airplanes

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