Contactless Bus Fare Payment Technologies Has Become Available in Nur-Sultan

Nur-Sultan residents have got one more reason for a pleasant experience! This modern city is always on the go and constantly developing, providing people with new conveniences in everyday life. One of them is the bus fare payment system with Mastercard contactless bank cards which became available in December. The project started on one of the capital's public transport routes (buses of route 32).

The implementation of such a useful function in Nur-Sultan is supervised by ALRT company at the Department of passenger transport and highways of Nur-Sultan. According to the company representatives, today ALRT adopts the city's transport strategy and sets new standards by implementing existing and potential projects.

You can pay with Mastercard contactless cards of any bank as well as with NFC devices (smartphones, smartwatches, bracelets, etc.) equipped with Mastercard contactless payment technology.

An important role in the launch of the project was played by the proactive position of Mastercard and its desire to provide additional convenience through its innovative payment technologies.

«To value people's time is very important, especially in the modern world. We are glad that the capital of Kazakhstan has joined the list of the world's leading cities that use our contactless payment technologies,» the company notes.

The project uses JoinPAY fintech platform in combination with POS-terminals running on the JoinPOS software.

«The choice of our platform for the capital of the country proves the technological effectiveness and functionality of our platform,» says Maksim Bornovolokov, CEO of MST group of companies.

Acceptance of cashless payments in Nur Sultan city buses

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