SoftPOS for the Self-employed Persons

SoftPOS technology enables to accept payments made using contactless cards, NFC devices, cash payment using a plain smartphone


Ample functionality

This is a brand new payment solution that enables to fit the functionality of an online cash register in a plain smartphone.

Any Android smartphone

There are only two simple conditions: the Android 7 version or higher and the availability of an NFC module. Your smartphone is ready to accept payments.

It accepts not only the cards

Accept the bank cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, as well as cash payments.

Personal user account

A handy personal user account with complete sales statistics.


All the payment details are transferred in encrypted form instead of being stored in the smartphone.

Personal user account

The free personal user account for self-employed persons.

— Information on all payments;

— Catalog of products and services;

— Human resources management;

— Loyalty system;

— Automated reports.

Accept payments with your smartphone

Our application will enable you to accept payments through contactless bank cards as well as NFC devices (smartwatch, fitness bands, etc.). In addition, our application will enable you to keep account of cash payments.

Money to your card

Bind your bank card issued by any bank to this service and receive compensation the next business day!

Catalog of products and services

Create a catalog broken down into categories in your personal user account. Add products and services to the catalog. After that, it will become automatically available on your smartphone. Excellent, now you are ready to sell.

Loyalty System

No more stickers and stamps. JoinPAY loyalty system enables you to make discounts and loyalty points work automatically. And you get complete statistics in your personal user account. The purchaser has to simply install the application and get access to your loyalty program. From that point on, your promotions, discounts and special offers will be available to them.

How to get access to SoftPOS

We will help you enter into contact with the bank. All you will have to do is to install the application on your smartphone and begin accepting payments.

Step 1

Fill in the application.

To get access to SoftPOS, you will have to prepare documents for entry into a contract with the bank.

Step 2

Enter into a contract with the bank.

We send your documents to the bank for registration. After that, we sign the contract.

Step 3

Accept payments!

Download our SoftPOS application and install it on your smartphone.

Application for access

By clicking the Submit request button, you consent to the processing your personal data.

Частые вопросы

Любой смартфон с ОС Android и NFC-модулем. Версия OC Android 7 или выше.

Скачать приложение SoftPOS можно с официальной страницы на Google Play Market.

Список документов необходимых для подключения самозанятых:

  • скан ИНН;
  • скан СНИЛС ;
  • скан паспорта (лицевая страница и прописка);
  • выписка о том, что подключаемый клиент является самозанятым.

Деньги возмещаются на банковскую карту любого банка, которую вы привяжете к сервису. Деньги будут автоматически зачисляться на вашу карту на следующий рабочий день.