SoftPOS for the Coffee Shops

Our solution enables to accept bank card payments in the coffee shops using a plain Android smartphone.


Why SoftPOS is perfect for the coffee shops

SoftPOS is a perfect payment solution for coffee shops of any size.

Increases the proceeds

Thanks to the introduction of new handy methods of payment as well as the loyalty systems, the proceeds from a coffee shop can increase to up to +35% within a year.

Accepts various types of payments

Our solution will enable you to accept bank cards as well as payments through Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and cash payments and Quick Payment System (QPS).

Optimizes business

Thanks to the detailed business analytics and reports, you can see how the sales are going in the coffee shop. What sells well and what not so much. When you have the data, you can build your business smartly.

It helps to save

You do not need to buy or rent a cash register to accept payments. Also, you do not need to make monthly payments.

Personal user account

The free personal user account for coffee shop management.

— Payments analytics;

— Inventory accounting;

— Human resources management;

— Merchants management;

— Loyalty system;

— Automated reports.

Catalog of products

You can create a full-fledged coffee shop menu in the JoinPAY personal user account. Break your menu down into categories and fill the categories with products. Add pictures to each product. In just half an hour, your menu is ready! All products will be automatically uploaded to your smartphone and the smartphones of your cashiers.

Points of sale

If your coffee shop is actively growing and has several branches, you can create a personalized menu for each coffee shop using our solution. All you have to do is create several points of sale with a different range of products in the personal user account. In this case, the price of the same product can be different depending on the coffee shop where it is sold.

So, each cashier sees the menu and prices of the coffee shop where the cashier is.

Loyalty system

The loyalty system is completely free for all users of our service. JoinPAY loyalty system enables you to issue virtual discount cards with your own design indefinitely and with no costs. The purchaser has to simply install the application and get access to your loyalty program. From that point on, your promotions, discounts and special offers will be available to them. You can fix the discount rate, a welcome discount for the new customers, and to exclude particular products from the loyalty program.

The loyalty system enables to increase the average purchase amount and to attract new customers to your coffee shop. In addition, regular discounts give your regular customers the reason for coming more often and inviting their friends.


Information on all the products sold and the transactions performed is transferred automatically to the personal user account. The data accumulated enables you to understand how well one or another product sells at a particular point of sale.

In addition, the information on all customers that use the loyalty programs is also in the personal user account. Those data enable you to understand your target customers better.


In accordance with Federal Law in Russia, all entrepreneurs who engage in trade are to send sales receipts to the tax service. We suggest using an external fiscal printer for the fiscalization of payments in our SoftPOS application.

Our SoftPOS solution supports the PRIM 05-F and PRIM 06-F fiscal printers produced by Iskra, one of the leading cash register equipment manufacturers. PRIM series fiscal data recorders are cheap, reliable, and print faster.

Just connect your smartphone to the printer via Bluetooth and print receipts in accordance with Federal Law.


Subscriptions enable to significantly increase profits from the coffee shop. Your customers can buy a monthly subscription to coffee or other products. In addition, you can decide what products and amounts of products are included in the subscription. You can also create several subscriptions so that your customers can choose a subscription depending on their budget.

All subscriptions created by you will automatically appear in the customer’s JoinPAY application. Your customers pay for the subscription directly through the application. The money from subscriptions will be credited to your company’s account at once.

* This functionality will be available from autumn 2021.

Profitable terms



No hidden charges for the access. The access is one hundred per cent free.


Monthly payment

There are no limitations to this functionality. The whole functionality described on this page is available for free in the personal user account.


Acquiring rate

Fair acquiring rate. No turnover fines.

How to get access to SoftPOS

We will help you enter into contact with the bank. All you will have to do is to install the application on your employees’ smartphones and begin accepting payments.

Step 1

Fill in the application.

To get access to SoftPOS, you will have to prepare documents for entry into a contract with the bank.

Step 2

Enter into a contract with the bank.

Мы отправляем ваши документы в банк на регистрацию. После чего, подписываем договор.

Step 3

Принимайте платежи!

Download our SoftPOS application and install it on your employees’ smartphones.

Application for access

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    By clicking the Submit request button, you consent to the processing your personal data.

    Частые вопросы

    Любой смартфон с ОС Android и NFC-модулем. Версия OC Android 7 или выше.

    Скачать приложение SoftPOS можно с официальной страницы на Google Play Market.

    Список документов необходимых для подключения юридических лиц:

    • скан паспорта руководителя (лицевая страница и прописка);
    • скан ИНН и ОГРН;
    • скан договора аренды и фото торговой точки (при наличии).

    Деньги возмещаются на расчётный счет юридического лица в любом банке.

    Система быстрых платежей (СБП) — сервис, который позволяет юридическим лица принимать платежи при помощи QR кодов. SoftPOS генерирует QR код для оплаты, покупатель считывает данный QR код своим смартфоном, после чего переходит в приложение своего банка и производит оплату.