Tricks of Assortment Planning

There will be a very short article today. This post is an example of the correct approach to creating an assortment.

Kefir with cucumber and dill.

Original recipe. What to drink on Saturday morning? What is perfect for potatoes with butter? What's so refreshing? The answer is obvious. Fermented milk products with herbs and cucumbers are very popular, but most often they are tan, ayran or katyk, which are served in cafes and restaurants. In stores this is extremely rare… And then the kefir. With cucumber! With Dill! It seems to me that this is just the perfect product for traditional retail, which is most often located inside residential areas. A little imagination in terms of positioning, a little training of the seller about the correct words for this product and this product can become a driver for making regular purchases in your store!

Mineral water from the Kurgazak spring (or any other source).

In retail chains, of course, there is mineral water from different manufacturers, but most of the shelf is occupied by products from two manufacturers. It is understandable -the marketing budget of the giants does its job. Of course, there are several regions in Russia where the vast majority of the population drinks water from local producers (for example, Novosibirsk drinks Karachin water). But most of the country, under the influence of marketing, drinks water "from a central source of water supply, purified, conditioned."

In all this ugliness, in an ordinary kiosk at an ordinary stop in Yekaterinburg, among the assortment of water from two giants, this water from the Kurgazak spring, in Bashkiria, stands modestly.

How many have heard the name Yangan-Tau? This is an excellent health resort, which is located on the Kurgazak spring.

What kind of water do you think the buyer will choose? Of course, water of natural origin! And the price was lower than that of purified water from the water supply.

It is not difficult to find a manufacturer/supplier of similar water in your region. The main thing is not to forget that the correct assortment must be supported by the correct positioning of the product. You need to interact with the consumer!

The general conclusion is that you need to attract consumers with interesting products that are not found in retail format. But you must not forget that you need to promote them through personal messages from the seller, through the correct display on the shelf, through attention-grabbing printing. At the same time, you need to understand that the right words from the implementer are the basis of success.

JoinPAY knows how to make sure that the seller does not forget about these products. You will only need to find a supplier of the right assortment!