Ideas From JoinPay: Carrot Miracle and Joint Purchases

Saturday is a beautiful day. This is an opportunity to spend time thinking about ideas. New ideas for your business, for your store. Well, we decided to support you in this! Today we are talking about new ideas.

Everyone probably remembers the taste of Korean-style carrots? Today, this simple salad you can buy in any supermarket in a convenient (or not so) package. But what happened to this product before it was adapted for retail sale? And how did it get there?

Korean carrots sold well in the markets. It was selling like hotcakes. But there was one limitation - the markets are not within walking distance, you can not buy the desired carrots on a regular basis.

And here comes a wonderful moment: someone came up with the idea to produce carrots in an industrial, centralized way, pack them in individual packaging and sell it not as a weight product, but as a piece. In fact, this someone adapted a popular product for retail sale. This product did not require advertising, only shelf space in a store within walking distance. And it is galloping!

Phenomenal! Just by changing the packaging, the product becomes adapted for sale in a wider channel.

Surprisingly, exactly the same carrot miracle happened in the United States. Previously, raw carrots were not particularly revered in the United States. A significant amount of the crop had to be destroyed or sold for next to nothing. And here is one enterprising citizen thought that people do not pay attention to such a delicious and useful carrot just because its appearance and shape do not meet the consumer properties that customers want to see. What did he do? Yes, everything brilliant is simple! He industrially cleaned it, cut it, and packed it. He called it baby carrot These carrots can be eaten on the go, they can be poured on a plate like cookies, this is a delicious and healthy treat, without which no store can do. Now this product is known to every consumer in the United States, especially loved by children.

Agree, these two examples show that even ordinary goods can be sold in a way that no one has ever sold before. And this usually does not require significant investment. There is something to think about carefully!

And the last idea for today is to think. Have you all heard about joint purchases? It's not even a service. Just people gather on forums and buy something together in bulk. Do you know what has become popular in joint purchases? Meat! Lamb, beef, pork, turkey, chicken… People cooperate and buy carcasses from farmers and then distribute them among themselves, meeting, for example, at the metro. Why not perform the function of consolidating orders and distributing them directly in your store? You just need to negotiate with farmers and post information in your store and, for example, on local forums. Creating additional cash flow, plus creating an additional reason for visits to your store. Well, what to do with a customer who came to the store, we have already written: to establish contact and make additional sales: spices for meat, vegetables or rice for garnish, sauces, etc.

Your business is in your hands, and JoinPAY will make it easier to collect requests for joint purchases.